Chief Editor



Scientific Editor

Shane Raidal BVSc, PhD, FACVScv, DipECZM


Editorial Advisory Committee


 Hamish Baron BVSc, MVSc, MVetClinStud  
Ingrid Danylyk BSc (Biol), BSc (VetBiol), BVMS Matthew Gosbell BVSc, MANZVS



Publisher's Statement

Eolophus, the official Newsletter of the Association of Avian Veterinarians Australasian Committee Ltd., is an international journal on the biology, pathobiology, medicine and therapeutics of birds. Eolophus publishes editorials, case reports, round-table discussions from the BirdMed email discussion forum, scientific articles and critical reviews of the literature and books. Eolophus has an international scope and is published online quarterly at www.aavac.com.au.

All manuscripts submitted to Eolophus are subject to peer review and approval by the Chief Editor prior to publication online at the Association’s website.

The copyright of material published in Eolophus is assigned to the AAVAC Ltd.



General enquiries should be directed to the AAVAC Secretary.

Submissions of manuscripts should be sent as email attachments to the Editor


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