We are raising funds to assist with research into a vaccine for Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) at Charles Sturt University and The University of Sydney. This is in collaboration with Zoos Victoria, Healesville Sanctuary, Adelaide Zoo, The Tasmanian Orange-bellied Parrot recovery team, Private Zoos and BirdLife Australia. The project fits well into the aims and goals of our Association to conserve parrots and their habitats, through education, applied research, responsible breeding programs and community based conservation activities that use parrots as ambassadors for nature.


Psittacine beak and feather disease is a devastating viral disease which causes ill health in parrots world-wide and is a key threat to endangered species in a number of countries. Australia is the home to many parrot species that would benefit from this research. The proposed project aligns with the objectives of the AAVAC because we believe that the project offers some truly innovative techniques for field-delivery of vaccine that minimises stress associated with capture, handling and immunisation which is common to conventional vaccination regimes. We expect that the project will greatly enhance our ability to improve the health and welfare of our avian patients.


Ms. Ines Pasic is passionate about finding a cure for PBFD and donations can be made at her GoFundMe page: GoFundMe PBFD


The AAVAC welcomes any donation that you would be able to provide for supporting research into avian diseases.