Association of Avian Veterinarians, Australasian Committee Advancing and Promoting Avian Medicine and Stewardship.

AAVAC Conference 2019 - Invited Speaker


Professor Brett Gartrell BVSc, PhD, MANZCVS (Avian Health)






Professor Brett Gartrell is the Director of Wildbase Hospital at Massey University where he leads a group of veterinarians and nurses in providing high quality medical and surgical care for native New Zealand species and through the Veterinary Teaching Hospital companion birds and reptiles.


Brett teaches avian medicine to undergraduate veterinarians and postgrad vets as part of the Masters of Veterinary Medicine program.


He also leads a Masters in Veterinary Conservation Medicine programme for Massey University.


Brett supervises postgraduate students in research that encompasses the fields of wildlife health and ecotoxicology and is passionate about the conservation of birds, bats and reptiles.