Wireless Ultrasound

For iOS and Android


 Clarius ultrasound scanners are wireless and work with both iOS and Android devices.


Automated Presets

Go through exams with ease with our specialty vet presets. If you’re new to ultrasound, our intelligent auto presets will fine-tune the image for you.


Superior image quality

We designed Clarius with image quality in mind, so you can always see the details you need to see.



You don’t have to worry about cables getting in the way of scanning animals. Clarius scanners are wireless and can be taken where you need to go.


Clarius Cloud access

Included with each scanner is a subscription to our online exam management system. Save, share, and review your exams with as many users as you want.


Tough and rugged

We’ve built Clarius with a magnesium shell to withstand busy clinics and other unpredictable environments. 


Scanner Models


Clarius has two scanner models for vet applications:

Clarius C7 Microconvex
: 3–10 MHz
Max Depth: 20 cm

Clarius L7 Linear
: 4–13 MHz
Max Depth: 7 cm


 “The beauty of this particular ultrasound is that it is very user-friendly and simple”  - The VetGurus


Contact: Event Coordinator Laeya Park

Tel: (778) 800-9975 ext. 118