Quality is Core


Not all veterinary compounders are the same.

You’ll only know you have a quality issue when it’s too late.

With Bova you can have confidence.


Bova believes that what sets them apart from other veterinary pharmaceutical compounders is quality. Recently, Bova made the decision to only compound veterinary medications - all of Bova's resources and investment is channelled into this niche area with quality at the core.

There are six areas where quality matters at Bova:

  • Ingredients Matter
  • Staff and Training Matters
  • Quality Assurance Matters
  • Packaging Matters
  • Logistics Matters
  • Compliance Matters

Bova are specialists in veterinary compounding. Bova has over 800 active pharmaceutical ingredients and over 38,000 formulations in its formulary. Over the last 10 years, Bova have been dedicated to providing all vets an exceptional service whilst focusing resources on offering the highest quality medications at an affordable price and in a timely manner to help strengthen compliance by pet owners.


The quality of a compounded medication is a vital component of a successful clinical outcome. Only high quality medications, free from contamination by bacteria or other medications can be expected to result in consistent therapeutic outcomes.


With Bova you can have confidence.



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